We are deeply experienced business operators, not theorists, who've won before.

Courage is described not as the absence of fear, but the overcoming of it.  Real life heroes use their fear as a measurement to make sure they’re not overly confident.  We call it smart courage.

Part of a hero's smart courage is asking for help. Whether it's Iron Man helping Hulk find his humanity, or RBG and her husband Martin helping each other through law school.

When you have the courage to admit you need help, we’re an option.  We believe in cannabis entrepreneurs, we believe you’re a real life hero.  We believe heroes who face challenges and get support prevail in the end.

Why us?  We are deeply experienced business operators who’ve won before.  We commit to your growth like a good partner or sidekick. What keeps you up at night will make us burn the midnight oil.  Your success becomes our goal.

And with us there are “No Marijuana Mark-ups.”  We don’t gouge, we don’t charge in advance, we don’t markup.  We prove our value or we don’t get paid.  That’s some of our courage.


If you’d like to have a chat, we love meeting heroes.